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07 February 2009 @ 08:36 pm

Title: Let's Make A Circus
Fandom: Coraline.
Rating: All Audiences.
Author's Note: Wow, this is my first time writing fanfiction outside another fandom I have, not to mention my first in a year or so! Reviews are great, hate is not. This might turn into a pairing of Coraline and Bobinsky, but nothing more than fluff most likely.

Coraline watched the raindrop stained window slowly fog up as she breathed. It was another rainy day, which meant her mother wanted her inside and not in the mud. She sighed and tossed back her head, giving a loud groan of complaint to her mother.

“No amount of whining will make me change my mind,” her mother said, slowly trailing off as she stared at the flickering ads across her computer screen. “Stupid pop-ups…”

The girl pouted in protest, stomping off dramatically, her mother not caring one bit. She slunk to her room and grabbed her bright yellow colored raincoat and swampers, putting them on with ease. If she could just sneak out the door as quietly as possible… No, no, her mother would definitely hear her. If only there was some other way…

Her mind trailed off, her eyes drifting out her window, a grin across her lips. Without a moment’s hesitation, Coraline fetched her new green messenger bag filled with small trinkets, pieces of rock hard taffy, bits of cheese, a survival guide, a flashlight, her hat, a pocket watch, some chewing gum, some string, and a small notebook. You could never be too prepared. In a flash, her window was half open, the curious girl scanning the roof for possible flaws.

The gutter seemed stable enough to hold her weight, the roof had sturdy tiles, but water soaked the roof completely, a risk of slipping popping into Coraline’s mind. She cautiously put her feet out the window, her rear on the windowsill. Rain poured down her face, Coraline quick to shut the window so no water could get in and be evidence against her later. She wobbled back and forth as she stood upright, eventually getting the hang of the height. As carefully as she could, she pressed her back against the roof, sliding her feet closer and closer to the end of the gutter.

Coraline, feeling a great deal of glee at her devious plan, carelessly walked the gutter freely, taunting misfortune in the face. As if on cue, one of her swampers missed the gutter, the girl slamming down hard against the metal, cutting part of her cheek and all of her chin. She let out a small, pathetic yelp and plummeted head first, her eyes clenched in pain. It would be moments before her untimely death, and she braced for the sudden impact.

“Hup, hup!” a heavily accented voice called out, a blue arm snatching the child quickly.

Coraline jerked upwards, her eyes slowly opening. She wasn’t dead. What had happened? She felt an arm securely around her waist, as she slowly looked up.

“Mister Bobinsky?” she gaped, watching the former gymnast hang from the end of the gutter.

“Who were you expecting, Superman?” he chuckled softly.

He let himself fall, his well trained legs slamming to the ground, bending soon after to recover from the impact. Bobinsky gently let down Coraline and beamed. She stared at the tall, chubby man, her eyes fluttering closed before she fell backwards. Her world went blank.
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burton_boingoburton_boingo on February 10th, 2009 12:53 am (UTC)
that is definitely interesting, no? Bobinsky always wierded me out...